Returning to Healthy Relationships

Right now, I have an old friend who is really hurting… and there is nothing I can do about it. Well, that’s not exactly true.  I could do something about it, but swooping in to “save the day” would mean re-entering into a relationship that isn’t healthy for me. Ever have one of those?  Sometimes we can care deeply about…

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Strauss, Crickets and Shabbat

I sat with a couple of friends at the Hollywood Bowl with a glass (okay, it was a plastic cup) of wine in my hand, taking in the music of Schumann and Strauss.  The weather was perfect with a gently blowing warm breeze, my friends and I were enjoying catching up, the music was wonderful, and the crickets were singing…


Life is a Sonata

Oscar Wilde said that life imitates art, and today my life feels like a sonata. In sonata form in music, there are three sections: exposition, development and recapitulation.  The exposition offers a musical identity, the development plays with that identity by building tension with a sense that this journey may be moving in another direction, and then the recapitulation brings…


I’m a What???

Student: I could never be a spiritual leader. Me: Why not? Student: I haven’t figured out my own stuff. How can I help them figure out theirs?  I don’t know what I believe. How can I tell anyone else what to believe? Me: The fact that you are aware enough to know that you haven’t figured it all out is…


The Hand of God and the Creative Process

Hi all!  I have to write a Torah commentary each week for a class I’m taking.  I thought you might enjoy the one for this week about the creative process… No, it doesn’t have anything to do with Purim  ;) ——————– If God was a painter in 16th century Italy?  Would God’s brush strokes have qualities in common with those…


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