Mindful Judaism

Judaism is a tradition of gratitude. It is said, in Jewish practice, that we should say 100 blessings each day.  Jewish structure helps us reach that goal by providing blessings for when we wake, when we eat, when we pray, when we see beauty, light candles, wash our hands, drink wine… just about everything. Any child who gets a little Jewish…


Muslims, Jews, and Friendship

I grew up in a town that was about 50% Jewish. My best friend… was Muslim. Granted, we were definitely not the most observant Jews and they were definitely not the most observant Muslims, but we were who we were.  I knew some of their relatives in Iran didn’t approve of our friendship, but that always seemed to me like…


Shoppin’ on Shabbat

As I was approaching the Farmer’s Market in my neighborhood, I noticed a homeless man standing across the street.  He was directly in my path.  My mind went through a few options… 1.  Cross in the opposite direction so I don’t have to deal.  2.  Pass by and smile but refuse if he asks for anything.  3.  Give him a…


Yom Kippur/Forgiveness and the Major Scale

L’Shana Tovah everyone!! Thought I would share the “mini-sermon” I gave at our Kol Nidre service.  Enjoy! —————————- I was taking a walk with my music in shuffle mode. I usually listen on shuffle because often, something I would have never chosen, pops up and inspires me. Last week, I took a walk and a choral piece called “Solfeggio”, by…

The First!

Welcome.   Blog #1 gets a blessing for new beginnings: Baruch Atah Adonai Eloheinu Melech ha-olam, shehecheyanu, v’kiy’manu, v’higianu lazman hazeh. Blessed is the Dance of the Universe (which some call God) that allowed all of the events that led us to this moment. (Literally:  Blessed are You, Adonai our God, Ruler of the universe, who gave us life, sustained…


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